You can apply for new membership or renew your membership online. If you prefer to apply or renew by post, you can print off an application form, and send it in the post with your payment. Details of where to send it are on the form.
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Data Protection
The Lancaster & District Family History Group stores your Membership information on computer and in manual systems. L&DFHG only holds members’ personal information that is necessary for the purpose of administering the Group’s membership. That information is held securely and when someone ceases to be a member their information is deleted. The L&DFHG will not disclose this information to any outside commercial organisations, or individual non-members of the group.  
By submitting the membership form online you agree that we may publish your membership number, name and optionally your contact details in our newsletters, journals and booklets.
If you do not wish us to use your contact details, please either use the paper application form, or send an email to the membership secretary to request that your details be excluded. Thank you.